You will find here information on my education and professional activities as well as my CV.

I am a qualified Italian lawyer and, since 2000, a civil servant in the Environment Directorate General of the European
Commission where I am a middle manager in the field of nature policy. In the past I have provided legal advice for international environmental negotiations and I also acted as a negotiator. I worked in the areas of biodiversity, climate change and water.

I have a passion for academia. I completed my PhD on Trade and Environment at the University of London and I have taught at several Universities. My main research interests lie in the areas of International and European environmental law.

I have given numerous lectures and presentations on EU environmental policy and law (in EN or FR) at the Universities of Maastricht, London, College of Europe Bruges, Montreal, Aarhus, Lille, Milano, VUB Brussels, etc.

I believe in European integration and in environmental protection so I did not end up where I am by chance...
Moreover, I like to think that law and ethical considerations should go together and this is why I like environmental law
so much: legal skills are at the service of the collective good (at least on the regulator side).

I love traveling to get to know new people and cultures, reading, listening to jazz, blues and to great voices; I wish I had more time to play volley ball..

Should you wish to get in touch and chat (in English, Italian or French) please feel free to e mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.