Nicola Notaro (Dr.)

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July 2001, Ph.D. Faculty of Laws, London University.

 Ph.D. Thesis: Trade and Environment: A Comparative Approach to the ECJ and GATT/WTO Jurisprudence. Supervisor: Prof. J. Cameron.

June 1999, Intensive Seminar on Climate Change, FIELD (London)/European Commission.

September 1997, Avvocato (Solicitor), admitted to the Italian Bar.

July 1997, Summer Program in European Environmental Law and Policy, University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

1995, Master in European Law: Very Good/Très bien (Bilingual Diploma), Law Department, College of Europe, Bruges.

Master Paper: The Government Procurements Agreement in the Uruguay Round. Supervisor: Prof. A. Mattera.

1994, Laurea in Giurisprudenza: 110/110 cum laude, Law Faculty, University of Salerno.

 Thesis: The Italian Fiducia and the English Trust. Supervisor: Prof. P. Stanzione.


1989, Diploma di Maturità Classica: 60/60, Liceo Ginnasio F. De Sanctis, Salerno.



European Commission Employment 


Since October 2015, Head of the Nature Unit, European Commission, DG Environment.

My Unit is in charge of Natura 2000, the EU network of protected areas, covering 18% of the EU territory and 28.000 sites.


January 2010-September 2015, Deputy Head of the Water Unit, European Commission, DG Environment.

The Unit is in charge of the EU Water Framework, Groundwater, Floods and Priority Substances Directives.


From February 2008 to December 2009: Team leader for international climate negotiations, DG Environment, Unit C1, Climate strategy, international negotiation and monitoring of EU action.

Main duties: Coordination of a team of about 10 colleagues involved in the international negotiations; in charge of relations with Presidency/Council and with the UNFCCC Secretariat; deputising for the Head or the Deputy Head of Unit as required; legal matters.


From May 2005 to January 2008, Legal adviser for Multilateral Environmental Agreements in the European Commission, DG Environment, Unit E2-International Agreements and Trade.

Main duties: provisions of legal advice to environment negotiators for Multilateral Environmental Agreements to which the European Community is a Party; direct involvement in negotiations of legal issues.


From October 2000 to April 2005, Policy officer in the European Commission, DG Environment, Unit E2-International Agreements and Trade; in charge of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety Protocol and of the legal aspects of the Convention on Biological Diversity, including the relationship with WTO/TRIPs, WIPO and FAO


Previous Employment  



October 1999/October 2000, UniversityLecturer (UD), Department of European and Economic Law, University of Groningen; in charge of the courses on European Environmental law.


August 1996/August 1999, Assistant (Senior Assistant from Nov. 1998) Law Department, College of Europe, Bruges.


October 1995/July 1996, Codification of EC law (Italian version) in the framework of a contract between the College of Europe and the European Commission.


March/May 1996, Part-Time Stagiaire at the WWF, European Office, Brussels.


January/September 1994, Legal Traineeship in the Law Firm “C.Pepe”, Salerno, Italy.




Other Professional Activities 



As of 2011:

Visiting Professor, \\\\\\\"International and European Environmental Law\\\\\\\", Legal Studies Department, College of Europe Bruges. 

As of September 2010:

Visiting lecturer on \\\\\\\"EU Environmental Law: Special Focus on Climate and Water\\\\\\\", ScincePo, University of Lille.


Since 2007, Visitinglecturer in the Summer School on Environmental Law of the University of Montreal 


Since 1999, Visiting Lecturer (in French) for the College of Europe Bruges on “Sources et specificitées du droit communautaire”, Introductory Course for the law students.




2004-2008, in charge of the case law review for the Yearbook of European Environmental Law.


2001-2005, in charge of theenvironmental law survey for the Yearbook of European Law.


March 1997/August 1999, in charge of the Case Law Review of the Revue du Marché Unique Européen for Environmental law and Free Movement of Goods.


September 1997/April 1998, Associate Editor of the periodical Elsa SPEL, Selected Papers of European Law.






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In theRevue du Marché Unique Européen:

Cases Argos, Elida Gibbs, RMUE 1-97.

Cases Denkavit, Vitic, Voormer, RMUE 1-97.

Case Linthorst, RMUE 2-97.

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Double book review on Trade and Environmental Law in the European Community by A. R. Ziegler and Trade and Enviroment, a Comparative Study of EC and US Law by D. Geradin, Common Market Law Review, March 1999.


Other Invited Lectures (in EN or FR) 

Numerous lectures and presentations on climate change policy and international environmental negotiations (in EN or FR) at the Universities of Maastricht, London, College of Europe Bruges, Montreal, Aarhus, Lille, Milano, VUB Brussels, etc.


June 2006, on \\\\\\\"International Environmental Negotiations and the EU\\\\\\\" in the 3rd UNEP/Joensuu course on International Environmental Law-making and Diplomacy, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.


February 2005, on “The Convention on Biological Diversity and the TRIPs Agreement”in the Conference ‘Public Policy and WTO Law: Regulating  Globalisation’ organised by the UCL Leuven and the University of Liege.

June 2004, on “The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety and recent developments in the EU legislative framework on GMOs” for the European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA).

January 2000, on “The Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in the WTO”for the Trade and Environment Forum organised by the European Association of Businessmen, Brussels.


November 1998, (in French) on “Les relations entre l’Union européenne et l’Organisation mondial du commerce” for the “Centre des Etudes Européennes de Strasbourg”.


July 1998,on the \\\\\\\"Legal Remedies of the EC\\\\\\\" in the framework of the PHARE programme.


May 1998, on \\\\\\\"Competition Law and Policy of the EC\\\\\\\" in the framework of the PHARE programme.


July/September 1996, on \\\\\\\"Basic Principles of International Law and International Organisations\\\\\\\" in the framework of the PHARE programme.






Italian: native.

English: fluent.

French: fluent.

Spanish: intermediate

German:  intermediate (level 7, Goethe Institute).


Computer Skills


MS DOS, Word for Windows, Power-point, Internet/Outlook-Email.